Website support

In order for a website to do what it’s supposed to do, it should be up to date. In order to be up to date, the website needs support.

Some companies want an employee, who is good at copywriting, possesses the technical skills for handling the administration of the corporate website and can write code from time to time :)

Of course, such people don’t exist, and if they do – they wouldn’t bother for the salary you are offering. This is exactly why our small and experienced company is your perfect partner, when it comes to website support. We are a team of motivated specialists and you can easily get advantage of our skills whenever and however you decide.

Website support
Website support

Devices and software evolve rapidly. Some functionalities of your website might not work correctly with some browsers tomorrow. Or Google may update their algorithms and rank your website lower, because it is missing something.

We are well informed and keep an eye on every new thing or trend. We know how to keep your website running and up to date. You can trust us.

We strive for excellent customer service and quality results achieved without a deadline missed.
- Nicky, CEO and Founder


We offer two types of website support, no matter if we created your website or not:

Monthly support

You pay a monthly fee and our job is limited to a certain work hours.


We work on a certain task you gave us and you pay only for the task.

Website support