16 years Studio Kipo

Design. Development. SEO.

We are a team of over 15 specialists with significant experience, who will pay special attention to your project. Each client receives personalized care with us because it's thanks to recommendations from businesses like yours that we've thrived for 16 years.

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What do clients say about us?

Studio Kipo as a partner in your business

We work with new technologies and continuously learn. Our work combines a creative approach with a good understanding of marketing goals. We don't just create beautiful designs, nor do we pursue search engine optimization for its own sake—we solve specific business challenges.

We invest a lot of love in our work, striving for your success. Recommendations about us spread through word of mouth. Just ask our clients what they think about us. Our success is attributed to your success.

Website development company

From our colleagues, you will receive invaluable advice on specific details of web design and functionality for your website or application, their ranking in search engines, as well as for the overall online development of your business.

Aim high - your ambition motivates us, and if your business grows, so does ours.

SEO agency

Do you wonder:

How to choose a web development company? arrow

The selection of a partner for web development is a pivotal task but not a complex one. It is pivotal because your website is your face to the world on the internet, and this becomes increasingly crucial with the advancement of technology and the shift of a significant part of our daily lives online.

In many instances, people will discover your business for the first time online. Another important factor is that, apart from human visitors, bots are also keenly interested in your website. Their aim is to assist your site in ranking effectively on search engines, aligning with user searches based on relevant keywords.

It's a straightforward task because we offer guidance in a few simple steps on how to approach it. Of course, you can also contact us directly by calling or messaging us.

  1. Ask your friends and acquaintances if they can recommend a company for website development, which they have good impressions of and are satisfied with.
  2. Another option is to search for the key phrase 'website development' on search engines."
  3. Examine the companies listed in the search results carefully. Look for the following information:
  • Check how many years the company has been in the market, indicating their experience in web development. If you're planning to create a complex website or looking for a redesign that will significantly change your online presence, seek a company with solid experience.
  • For which companies has the firm designed websites? The greater the size of the companies it has collaborated with, the higher the quality of websites it can produce, indicating a more advanced level of expertise. If the firm specializes in developing smaller websites without meticulous detailing, its services may be more cost-effective and faster in delivery.
  • How many people work in the company? Some websites are created by a single person, offering more budget-friendly options. There are firms with a staff of 1-3 people. A medium-sized company has up to 20 people, while one with over 20 is ready to handle more complex tasks, work with a larger client base, and has greater capacity.
  • What services are included in its portfolio? For a serious website, it is necessary to provide web design with UX/UI, frontend development, backend development, and perform SEO for search engines before delivering the final product to the client. For less complex and budget-friendly websites, an individual can manage both the design and development, if necessary. Typically, ready-made platforms like WordPress, Wix, and others are employed for these cases. Simpler websites can be created independently by individuals through watching tutorials and doing some reading.
  • Explore the projects the company has completed to get acquainted with its development style.
  • Does it immediately disclose the website's price or does it recommend first understanding your needs before providing a quote? Small and less reputable web development firms emphasize low prices on their websites. However, if the company is serious, with sufficient experience and attention to detail, with experienced specialists on board, then for them, each project is a new challenge deserving an individual approach.
  • Finally, once you settle on a style that appeals to you, request a quote. Don't hesitate to ask questions or share your ideas. Good companies are happy to address all inquiries from potential clients, ensuring that their services align precisely with the client's needs.
Which website development company is suitable for my business? arrow

It depends on your preferences and needs. Do you prefer a company that has experience in creating complex and impressive websites, or one that offers budget-friendly solutions, even below EUR 500, without intricate designs and functionalities?

  • The first type of companies is suitable for established businesses looking for a robust online presence. They want websites with an impressive visual appeal and complex functionalities.
  • The second type is more suitable for startups with low budgets, small businesses, or those that don't prioritize their online presence as much, with the main focus of their activities being offline.
SEO or web design studio? arrow

We call ourselves a web design studiodue to our commitment to developing web designs at an elevated standard. Our approach involves a fusion of creative inspiration and meticulous attention to detail. Each element is thoughtfully placed and intricately interconnected with others, as well as with the user. Our design philosophy is guided by UX and UI concepts, placing the user at the forefront of the entire creative process.

We also identify as a SEO agency because we have assembled a team of some of the top SEO specialists in Bulgaria.

How many people work at Studio Kipo? arrow

Over the past few years, around 15 people have been working with us, distributed across 2 main departments:

  1. design websites development and mobile applications
  2. SEO services