17 years Studio Kipo

What Our Clients Say

Studio Kipo prides itself on the quality and high standards of our work, which can be confirmed by our clients through feedback surveys, references and testimonials. We have a solid reputation and proven track record of delivering projects on time and budget.

Comment from Uphill Estates about Studio Kipo

Ivan Parmakov, founder of Avalant and Uphill Estates, says about us that our offers are well balanced in terms of price, delivery time and quality, and that he would be happy to work with us on new projects. We are also pleased to partner with Ivan, we will be happy to continue to be part of the success of his new business ventures.

Codeacademy recommendation for Studio Kipo

Our partnership with Codeacademy goes back a long way. We are glad that when they need website development or SEO support they always think of us. Their trust is proof of the quality of our work.

The real estate company Imoteka recommends Studio Kipo

The most common feedback from our customers is that we are easy to communicate with. Amalia Platova, Brand Manager at Imoteka, added that, unlike other agencies, we use a personal approach and creativity.

The real estate company Colliers recommends Studio Kipo

Vesela Petrova, operations director at Colliers, says that it is easy to communicate with us, that our work demonstrates high standards and expertise.

Recommendation from Simid for Studio Kipo

The largest bread producer in Bulgaria has acquired a new website, featuring a unique design meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail, with custom-programmed front-end and back-end that meet all the demanding requirements of our client.

Opinion from Fashion Inside about Studio Kipo

The owner of the website Fashion Inside - The Place for Women who love themselves and life, have fun, and possess excellent style - shares thoughts about Studio Kipo team. The website, based on WordPress, stands out for its user-friendly design and ease of use.

Review from NAIS for Studio Kipo

National Association for Out-of-Court Settlements. The most modern and first of its kind in Bulgaria, an entirely online-based center for resolving disputes between consumers and commercial companies, programmed by Studio Kipo.

Comment from Hotel Ruskovets about Studio Kipo

Feedback from Mariyana Petrova, Marketing Manager at Hotel Ruskovets, about the Studio Kipo team. In Studio Kipo, there are individuals with a well-established reputation as SEO specialists, and they have done a lot for the hotel. The things we have achieved together in such a short period are truly something that would benefit any business.