17 years Studio Kipo

Code of ethics

Corruption hinders economic development as it can undermine fair competition and erode trust in a company or individual. At Studio Kipo, combating all forms of corruption is a priority. Promoting a culture of ethics and integrity is crucial for maintaining the trust of clients, stakeholders, and society. Studio Kipo is committed to fostering a culture of honesty throughout the organization and clearly communicating expectations for reducing the risk of corruption.

Employees of Studio Kipo are prohibited from giving, promising to give, or offering to give anything of value to any person with the intention of influencing an action or decision.

This prohibition extends to indirect corruption, i.e., actions taken by a third party on behalf of or in connection with Studio Kipo.

Something of value may include, but is not limited to:

  • cash
  • gifts
  • entertainment, lodging, and food
  • travel expenses
  • services
  • employment offers
  • loans
  • donations or contributions
  • any transfer of value, even nominal

In order to promote a culture of ethics and integrity, as well as comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, Studio Kipo has implemented a comprehensive set of policies and standards that establish clear rules to be followed by all employees of Studio Kipo and, where applicable, third parties.

These policies and standards govern certain activities to ensure they are conducted for legitimate and bona fide business reasons and include specific provisions aimed at preventing bribery and corruption.

These rules and standards are not intended to be exhaustive for all circumstances that may arise. If a specific situation is not covered or the provisions of the policies and standards are unclear to an employee of Studio Kipo, the latter should consult with their manager.